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McDonough Mediation

Welcome To McDonough Mediation

Mediation restores clarity, confidence, and connection

At McDonough mediation, we have twenty years experience with prenuptial agreements, pre- and post-divorce, EEO, ADA, and workplace mediation.  We are certified and experienced in Transformative and Facilitative styles of conflict resolution and are available to hold mediations in person, by SKYPE, or by teleconference.

At McDonough Mediation, we understand the challenges of divorce. Our mission is to guide you and your family through this uncertain time.  We have the expertise to help you create a new relationship based on co-parenting and the best interest of your child.  Learning to work together to resolve parenting issues which supports you through the parenting years.

At McDonough Mediation, we assist families through the changes in life's stages, providing for children in divorce, providing for special needs children, prenuptial agreements,  planning for elder care, disputes over a will, transference of family owned business, estate planning issues, and establishing family trusts.

At McDonough Mediaiton, we help businesses manage the complexities of workplace disputes by negotiating with all parties.  Transformative mediation is an opportunity for a business to maintain the goodwill of their clients or their employees.  Mediation restores clarity, confidence, and connection.