Certifications, Licensures, and Memberships

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • Certified Family Mediator

  • Certified Americans with Disabilities Mediator

  • Certified Facilitative Mediator

  • Certified Transformative Mediator

  • Member Association of Conflict Resolution

  • Member Mediation Council of Illinois


  • United States Postal Mediations EEO/ADR

  • Americans with Disabilities mediation for the United States Department of Justice under a grant from the Key Bridge Foundation in Washington, DC

  • Prenuptial agreements

  • Post decree divorce mediation

  • Child custody agreements

  • Court ordered mediations in Kendall and Will counties (IL)

  • Private divorce mediation in DuPage county (IL)

  • Certified Nuclear Regulatory mediation

Virginia McDonough, LCSW

With over twenty years experience in different forms of mediation: divorce, court-ordered, family issues, and contract work for the federal government, I am certified and skilled in both Transformative and Facilitative mediation.

McDonough Mediation